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On Site Activities


The site has been recently fully fenced to manage the fields, please do not climb or clamber through the fence to neighbouring land, we have installed a number of stiles and gates between the fields. Small quantities of plant material including leaves, flowers, branches and twigs may be taken at any time for use in Scouting activities. Any such collection should not remove more than 10% of the flowering heads of any one species in order not to impact on future species diversity, there should be no digging or trenching on the site.


Camp and cooking fires are part of camping and are encouraged.  Fires are only permitted on the four stone fire circles (one nearest the parking area, the second is in the copse in F3.

Although there is a wood supply, we do encourage you to supply your own where possible, wood can be bought from ASDA or Home Bargains in Llangefni.  DO NOT cut any live timber, either on the site or in surrounding woodlands, collect only fallen or dead timber.  There may be some limited supplies available from pruning operations during the year, but to ensure firewood supplies are adequate it would be wise to bring it yourself.


With the drive to reduce the use of single use plastics and general recycling of plastic, glass and paper/cardboard, can ALL users of the site please leave the campsite as you found it and take all recyclable materials and any food waste away with you yourselves. Please do not leave it in bags on the site as we do not have local authority collections. Please do not burn glass or plastic on the campfire as its both harmful to the environment and broken glass in the ashes is not very safe for other users.


There is a store of pioneering poles in the ISO container and can be loaned by agreement along with lashing ropes.  Please liaise with other users if you wish to use them and replace in the ISO container after use.


Some groups like to build dams from stones in the stream that runs along the NW boundary of F1, F5 & F6.  This is a fun activity, but please remove dams afterwards. Although there is no sign of water voles or otters in the stream, please respect the banks and do not collapse them if possible.

Off Site Activities


Caeau Ty’n Talwrn lies in Terrain Zero (Scouts) as does all of Anglesey, there are small hills (mountains) on the island at Mynydd Bodafon, Mynydd Eilian, Mynydd Y Garn and Holyhead Mountain. If you wish to explore the more challenging mountains of Snowdonia, they are approx. 30min driving time from the site.


Many of Anglesey’s visitors come to navigate the 125 miles of stunning Isle of Anglesey Coastal Path that makes its way around the edges of the island.


Anglesey has two of the UK’s nine cycle routes. Why not take on the Lôn Las Copr, or the NCN 566 as it’s also known. This 36 mile circular tour connects the North East of the island, taking in the only working windmill in Wales and the moonscape that is Parys Mountain. Challenge yourself and ride it anticlockwise taking advantage of some invigorating climbs.  Alternatively, Lôn Las Cefni offers 13 miles of traffic free cycle path that is perfect to enjoy with your group and is rich in nature and wildlife. North Wales Coastal Rout 5 runs passed the access track to the site.


There are a good number of bathing beaches on the island along with sites for kayaking, canoeing and SUP. From the site you can reach a beach or cove within 20min driving from the site.


There are no lakes on Anglesey for water activities – all are predominantly fishing or reservoirs.


We take the safety and security of Ty’n Talwrn campers very seriously: however, the site is not manned or supervised, and YOU are responsible for the safety of your party.


Talwrn does not normally suffer from extremes of weather, however any guests booking the site should use the Met Office or BBC weather apps set to Llangefni to check the weather forecast. Any groups venturing to Snowdonia should make use of the Mountain Forecast there are a number of beaches on Anglesey and the weather can be distinctly different on each side of the island. The prevailing wind direction is from the SW.


Because there are no full-time wardens on site, all groups are responsible for providing their own First Aid equipment and having personnel and procedures to deal with accidents and incidents. There are Public Access Defibrillation Scheme (PADs) located at Llangefni Fire Station (9 min by car) ASDA Llangefni (9min by car) Llangefni Town Hall (9min by car)


In the event of fire, because of our location, assistance from the emergency services will not be quick, so it is imperative that groups always ensure that they guard against fire and are prepared to keep their party safe.